Aussiedoodle coat colors can include blue merle, red merle, black and red tri-color, black and tan (“phantom”), parti-color, sable, and in some cases, solid colors. Many chocolates do fade over time. It starts to show first in their faces. No, because the poodle does not carry the blue eyed gene needed for solid colors, therefore the F1 aussie doodle will only have blue eyes if he is a merle. Two Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies – One is a Cafe Aulait color and one is a dark Chocolate. Several factors affect the price tag of these beautiful dogs which include pedigree, size, gender, coat color, and the breeder’s experience. The nose pigment is rose. Puppy Growth Charts and Calculators – How Big Will My Puppy Get? Probably the most common type of color change is that of progressive darkening. We produce abstracts in all of our solid colors and it basically just means they have abstract patches of white, usually on their chin, chest, toes or feet and sometimes a little on all 4 NOT to be confused with a true Bi which  has more white on their head and face. My boy changed colors too but nowhere near this drastic. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities! True chocolates are brown in color. Discover more about our Aussiedoodle puppies for sale below! Why We Recommend Nuvet Plus Vitamins for our Puppies. Schedules! The Red Merles: Are similar to Blue merles but their base color is red/brown. Please be wary of breeders selling mutliple breeds! Conclusion for The Ultimate Double Doodle Guide (2020) There are several different double doodle dogs to choose from including the Goldendoodle Labradoodle Mix, double Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle Labradoodle mix, or double Aussiedoodle. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Traditional Black Tri-color (black, white and rust) Blue Merle Tri-color (Blue Merle, white and rust) Blue Merle Color: The Blue Merles have lighter patches of blue and gray in a mottled or uneven speckled pattern. A parti colored Goldendoodle is at least 50% white, with solid patches of any other color. Learn more about Aussiedoodle Colors here. The Aussiedoodle breeders Atlanta will decide on a price based on the size, coat color, coat texture, and markings of each of the individual Aussiedoodle puppies Atlanta that they have for sale. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07G8VYQ94"; Some merle partis can be mistaken as a double merle. Chocolate Blue Merle Puppies. Their pigment color should be black. Black Abstract Puppy. We focus mainly on Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Chocolate Tri, and Black Tri.