(09/07), 1209  Amending Section 20.694.100 Landscape Design Standards, removing the requirements that multi-family development must improve 50 percent of their common open space areas with turf, and adjusting the language to allow a combination of turf and xeriscape design to promote water conservation. (12/14) (Not codified), 1443   Adopting the First Amendment to the Development and Infrastructure Agreement with Clear Creek Residential, LLC in order to identify the timing and payment schedule of water system improvements. (6/98) (Not codified), 832    Reclassifying the Bill Thompson property, APN 29-110-28 from FR-19 to RA-5. (05/01), 959    Repealing chapter 10.20 regarding notice of repossession. 15.20, Uniform Fire Code (15.20), 377    Amends 17.28.130 through 17.28.160; adds 17.28.170, zoning (17.28), 378    Adds Ch. (07/04) (Not codified), 1779  Providing for the issuance of the “2004 Water Bonds.”  (07/04) (Not codified), 1080  Providing for the issuance of the “2004 Sewer Bonds.”  (07/04) (Not codified), 1081  Providing for the issuance of Solid Waste Disposal Refunding Bonds (07/04) (Not codified), 1083  Reclassifying the Aloha Ranch Property, APN 1220-17-601-001 SFR-2 to SFR½ PD planned development overlay zone. (5/95), 696    Amending section 2.28.010 to broaden appointment requirements and to change the membership of the Genoa Historic District Commission and section 2.28.030 to correct a reference to a related code section and section 17.40.040 to allow imposing a fee. (8/11), 1342 Removed from agenda indefinitely. 1. (2/93) (Not codified), 583    Adopting the development agreement for Westwood Park Unit IV Project. (6/09) (Not Codified), 1286  Amending Chapter 2.04, Board of County Commissioners, by adding a new section to allow the County Manager to sign grant applications on behalf of the Board, while reserving the decision to accept the grants to the Board. MunicodeNEXT, the industry's leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing! If the problematic barking is coming from your dog, enact changes to reduce barking behavior. County Seat: Douglas County Court House, 305 8th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308 9.24, disturbing the peace (9.24), 294    Amends 2.16.040, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (2.16), 295    Amends subsection C of 17.44.070, special use permits (17.44), 296    Control of decisions affecting pubic lands (2.04), 297    Amends 17.08.150, child care facility (17.08), 298    Adds subsection C to 10.12.020, parking (10.12), 299    Amends 5.08.020 and 5.08.030, liquor license application (5.08), 300    Amends 2.02.050 E, overtime rate (2.02), 301    Adds Ch. (2/99), 870    Amending section 20.696, sign and advertising control. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, incorporated in 1861. Carson City does not have a noise ordinance, per se. (11/12) (Not Codified), 1372  Approving a Zoning Map Amendment for Sierra Nevada SW Enterprises to change the zoning district from GC (General Commercial, 10,000 square foot minimum parcel size) to GC (General Commercial, 10,000 square foot minimum parcel size) with a PD (Planned Development) overlay on approximately 15.31 acres by incorporating the boundaries of the 2012 approved subdivision boundary and areas of the Wal-Mart development and changing the Zoning district from A-19 (Agricultural, 19-acre minimum parcel size) to GC (General Commercial, 10,000 square foot minimum parcel size) with a PD (Planned Development) overlay on 5.57 acres. (6/10), 1316  Zoning map amendment for Phats Pads, Inc. and Cave Rock Junction, LLC (PD 09-003) establishing a R-063/PD Overlay for 3.55 acres and a C-063/PD Overlay for 0.33 acres located at 1301 US Hwy. The DCZR governs the use of land for residential and non-residential purposes. (12/97), 807    Repealing ordinance 768 which added section 20.696.325. (3/14) (02/07) (Not codified), 1196  Changing the existing zoning district for Stone Creek, reclassifying one parcel totaling 8.49 acres from SFR-12,000 and SFR-1 zoning districts to MFR Planned Development Overlay Zoning District. 1454 A Zoning Map Amendment for Sierra Colina, LLC, changing the zoning district on an 18 acre parcel, from R-073 SA-1 to R-073 SA-1-PD zoning district on APN 1318-23-301-001, located approximately 750 feet from the southeast corner of U.S. Highway 50 and Lake Village Drive in the Tahoe Basin. (12/01), 991    Adopting a zoning amendment consistent with the Nevada Northwest LLC specific plan area. To learn more visit Douglas County Resolution 019-029. (11/00), 943    Amending section 20.20.30 changing personal notice requirements to match the planning division’s practice and by adding NRS 278.260 requirements to the required contents of personal notice of development permit applications (12/00), 944    Reclassifying a 2.5 acre portion of Bureau of Land Management property, a portion of APN 1420-00-002-013, from FR-40 to PF (12/00) (Not codified). (7/13) (Not Codified), 1395   Amending Chapters 13.04.040, 13.04.110, 13.04.140, 13.04.160, 13.04.170, 13.04.180, 13.04.210, 13.04.230, 13.04.290, 13.04.300, 13.04.350, and 13.04.390 of the parks and Recreation Facilities Use and Regulations to make various clarifying amendments to the Chapter(s) including amendments relating to fees and deposits for use of park and recreation facilities, the presence of dogs on park and recreation facilities, distribution of handbills and petitions on park and recreation facilities, camping fees and park rangers. (8/18), 1511 Repealing Ordinance No. (3/93), 586    Amending chapter 3.08 to increase the tax on motor vehicle fuel. (5/14) (Not Codified), 1413   Amendment to Chapter 20.471 Maintenance District 1 - Monterra, to extend the date by which the perimeter landscaping improvements subject to the Monterra landscape maintenance assessment district must be installed and inspected by the County, decreasing the assessment amount per unit, clarifying in Chapter 20.470 and 20.471, assessments not paid when due will accrue penalties and interest in the same manner as unpaid property taxes, and adding language requiring Chapter 20.471 to be properly recorded consistent with state and local laws. December 31, 2020. (08/03), 1047  Abolishing the Office of Constable for Tahoe Township. (8/10), 1320  Amending Chapter 20.702 Zoning Districts and Standards, modifying/correcting the zoning district titles in Table 20.702.1 and adding a column to Table 20.702.2C that identifies Tahoe village Plan Area Statement 088 and the uses that are allowed. (4/10), 1311  Amending Douglas County Code to require applicants to be compliant with Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 278, as follows: 1) amending the titles and language, where applicable, in Section 20.708.090, Reversion of final subdivision map, Section 20.712.100, Reversion of final parcel map, and 20.768, Land Readjustment; and 2) creating Section 20.768.060, Administrative vacation or abandonment of public utility easements owned or controlled by Douglas County. Brian Foss . (4/18) (Not Codified), 1503 A Zoning Map Amendment for Holstein Farms LLC, amending the existing zoning of SFR-1 to SFR-1/2 providing for zoning consistency with the existing Single Family Residential master plan designation on a 5.43 acre parcel located at 1291 Centerville Land in the Gardnerville Ranchos, Gardnerville (APN 1220-09-401-001). (1/99) (Not codified), 867    Repealing the completed or expired development agreement for Wildhorse #6 Subdivision. (1/95), 686    Designated by the short title "1995 Paramedic District Bond Ordinance"  (1/95) (Not codified), 687    Amending title 6 to provide for rabies control program and amending thelicensing and impounding fees. (10/97), 795    Adopting the third amendment to the development agreement for Sundridge Heights III Subdivision. (6/09), 1289  Amending Chapter 20, Section 20.612.020, Application for specific plan, to require applications for specific plans be submitted at the same time as applications for master plan amendments and to require a plan demonstrating the applicant’s ability to comply with the provisions of Chapter 20.560, Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management. Before you call the police, talk to the noise makers first to be aware of your intent. (4/96), 739    Amending sections 2.02.040 and 2.02.070 of the personnel ordinance. For copies of an ordinance please contact the Board Records and Minutes staff at (775) 784-7279; Chapter 110 is the Washoe County Development Code. 9.22, public nudity (9.22), 318    Adds Ch. (2/13). (8/10) (Not Codified), 1324  Providing for the issuance of negotiable, General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Refunding Bonds, Series 2010C (Tax-Exempt). (5/16) (Not Codified) Douglas County Commissioners discussed allowing vacation rentals in the valley through online sites such as Airbnb and ordinance changes that would strengthen the enforcement of vacation rental permits issued for the countyâ s portion of Tahoe Township.. (11/01), 989    Adding chapter 5.36 providing for regulation of adult characterized businesses. (06/04), 1073  Amending chapter 5.30.030 by allowing chiropractors licensed in the State of Nevada to serve on the board of massage examiners. (7/95) (Not codified), 711    Amending title 15 by adopting the 1994 Uniform Building Code, 1994 Uniform Plumbing Code, 1994 Uniform Code for Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, 1994 Uniform Code for Building Conservation and amending some portions of title 15 that are more restrictive than the adopted 1994 Uniform codes. 1473 Amending Title 20, Appendix F “Water Facilities,” section 20.F.070(C) Basis of Billing, by adding language to provide for adjustments to the monthly bill due to water leaks. (11/00), 937    Amending sections 3.32.030 and 10.12.030 to match Title 20 zoning designations. (5/92), 555    Adds section 18.04.140 establishing regulations for water line extensions within the town of Minden. (5/96) (Not codified), 744    Repealing chapter 5.24 regarding traveling merchant permits and enacting a new chapter 5.24 regarding traveling  merchants, mobile street vendors. More. (9/18) (Not Codified), 1517 Amends Title 3, Chapter 3.50 by (1) updating the definitions, advisory committee membership requirements, allowable uses of 911 surcharge revenue, and the monetary limit on the 911 surcharge revenue fund balance to conform with legislative updates to Chapter 244A of the Nevada Revised Statutes; (2) increasing the monthly surcharge for the enhancement or improvement of the telephone system used for reporting emergencies from $0.25 per access or mobile line and $2.50 per trunk line to $0.75 per access or mobile line and $7.50 per trunk line; and (3) clarifying the telecommunication companies’ compliance requirements, and the 911 Surcharge Advisory Committee Membership terms and meeting requirements. THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF DOUGLAS DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION I. 3.28, funds for victims of domestic violence (3.28), 392    Amends 15.04.180, 15.04.360 and 17.60.070(C), fire protection requirements (15.04, 17.60), 393    Amends 18.06.020, town boundaries (18.06), 394    Amends 16.24.040 and 16.24.070, subdivisions (16.24), 395    Amends 17.12.090(B), zoning (17.12), 396    Amends 2.02.030(37) and 2.02.060(J)(1); repeals 2.02.070(A)(2), (B)(3); personnel (2.02), 397    Adds Ch. 1456 Approving and adopting the Redevelopment Plan for the Douglas County Redevelopment Area No. (4/14) (Not Codified), 1410   Adopting Chapter 2.03, Judicial Services Department, to create the Judicial Services Department and appointing the Court Administrator as the official Clerk of the Court for the Ninth Judicial District Court, Tahoe Township Justice Court and East Fork Justice court. (2/11), 1335 Amending Chapter 6.16 Animals, Dog Restrictions-Penalty to update section 6.16.030 barking dogs, to clarify what constitutes  a barking dog for purposes of criminal prosecution. Code Enforcement is charged with protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of Douglas County residents by enforcing compliance with many sections of the Douglas County Code including zoning ordinances, property maintenance codes, vacation rentals, sign codes, … (9/13), 1399      Amending Chapters 20.800, 20.820, and Title 20 of the Consolidated Development Code –Appendix B by adopting with stated revisions the 2012 International Building Code, the 2012 International Residential Code, the 2012 Uniform Mechanical Code, the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code, the 2011 National Electrical Code, and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. (8/10) (Not Codified), 1326  Amending Chapter 2.02 of the Douglas County Code to provide for changes in the county personnel regulations removing the ability of supervisors, managers, or department heads to go to any classification within a lower salary range in a layoff situation; adding another reason for disciplinary action; and removing Training and Safety Captain, Fire Captain/Investigator, and Battalion Chief from disciplinary proceedings and providing for other properly related matters. (1/95), 682    Amending section 5.04.090 for the purpose of adding a provision for a temporary employment certificate. (12/05) (Not codified), 1154  Regarding 2006A Water Bond. (9/93), 612    Amending section 17.28.140, permitted uses (in the A-4 district), amending the subsection one employee residential structures. 1388   Adopting a Development  Agreement between Mica Drive, LLC and Douglas County modifying the Cottages at Indian Hills Planned Development (ref. (6/20), 1570 Amends Section 20.668.280 relative to Non-Residential Uses Specific Standards, to revise standards for a Heliport in the Light Industrial Zoning District. (12/92), 574    Amending chapter 2.26 by revising the appointment procedures for at large members of the China Spring Advisory Council; providing an alternative procedure for receipt ofmonetary gifts. 2 with Kingsbury, KB 70-2  Dissolves and merges Kingsbury No. (3/14), 1419   A Zoning Text Amendment amending Title 20, Appendix A to define an Indoor Gun Range use, and Section. (02/07) (Not codified), 1199  Adopting a building permit allocation and growth management as Chapter 20.560 of the Douglas County Code. 1351  Repealing Ordinance 96-750 which adopted the Williams Ridge Technology Park Subdivision Development Agreement. (3/09), 1279  Amending Title 20 by adding 20.656.020.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community under Residential Districts; Institutional and uses of community significance, adding 20.658.020.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community under Non-residential districts; Institutional and uses of community significance, adding 20.660.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community definition, adding 20.662.010.155 and 20.664.157 Specific standards for independent congregate senior living community in residential districts, adding 20.666.010.135 and 20.668.135 Specific standards for independent congregate senior living community in non-residential districts, amending Table 20.692.1 Required parking and loading spaces to include parking requirements for independent congregate senior living community and amending Appendix A to provide a definition for independent congregate senior living community. A+; A-Sub Menu. Employment Information . 5.06, alarm device regulations (5.06), 325    Creates Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District (Special), 327    Amends Ch. (6/13) (Not codified) (Effective upon the TRPA Governing Board’s review and approval of the Area Plan as approved by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners ), 1385   Amending the Douglas County Development Code, Title 20, to include Chapter 20.703, Tahoe Area Plan Regulations, establishing code language to implement an Area Plan, including the South Share Area Plan, pursuant to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Area Plans. (4/98), 823    Reclassifying the zoning of the Nenzel Property, APN 25-333-01 from SFR 8,000 to NC. (03/07), 1204  Amending Chapter 2.24 to add the definition of director and language for emergencies to operate under the Incident Command System. (02/01), 953    Amending section 20.668.060(H) (drive-through uses) to modify standards relating to the number of menu boards permitted for drive-through uses. (9/92), 569    Amending section 17.28.140 permitted uses, deleting the allowance for additional single Family units on parcels in excess of nineteen net acres, adding permanent employee dwellings, amending the subsection on clustered housing. (7/95), 704    Amending title 17 repealing section 17.28.030, parcels larger than one acre, which currently permits more than one single family residence on a parcel of land. nonrefundable. Bill No. (6/98) (Not codified), 836    Repealing the completed or expired development agreement for Garden Glen Subdivision. 1333  A zoning map amendment to change the existing zoning for the Dean Seeman Trust/Foundation (DA 10-046) on a 17.88-acre parcel as follows: 6.68 acres from A-19 (Agriculture, 19-care minimum parcel size) to RA-5 (Rural Agriculture, five-acre minimum parcel size); and 11.20 acres from A-19 to PF (Public Facilities). (3/98), 819    Reclassifying a portion of the Jacobsen Family Survivors Residual Trust property, APN 25-160-56 from A-19 to PF (4/98) (Not codified), 820    Reclassifying the Ray and Lucia Gray property, APN 23-484-17, from RA-5 to RA-5PD(2). (12/08), 1268  Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Gregory C. Lynn and Suzanne Towse, Trustees of the 1995 Gregory C. Lynn and Suzanne Towse Trust Agreement dated May 16, 1995 modifying the approved phasing plan and development schedule for the Aloha Ranch aka the Rain Shadow Ranch planned development adjusting the payments to be applied toward off-site road and transportation improvements. REVENUE AND TAXATION The Douglas County Recorder of Deeds, located in Minden, Nevada is a centralized office where public records are recorded, indexed, and stored in Douglas County, NV. (7/94), 657    Amending chapter 3.14 to increase the tax on gross receipts from the rental of lodging by one percent, the proceeds to be used for construction and maintenance of transportation related  projects. (9/92) (Not codified), 571    Amending chapter 2.08 regarding approval of travel and meal reimbursements. 1471 Amending Chapter 2.26, China Spring Youth Camp, to correct an error in Ordinance 2016-1459, that mistakenly removed the Tenth Judicial District from the Advisory Council. (3/14) (3/20) (Not Codified), 1565 A text amendment to Chapter 2.05, Improper Governmental Action & Whistle Blower Protection, to incorporate mandated legislative changes required by Assembly Bill 274 and incorporated into NRS Chapter 281 by the 2019 Nevada Legislature. While they seem to be partying, she wants to be outside doing yard work. (07/08), 1257  Repealing the Development Agreement for Park Cattle Company and P & S Development, Ltd. (08/08) (Not codified), 1258  Amending chapter 5.08.200 regarding renewal and expiration of liquor licenses. If you are looking for specific ordinance use the Ordinance Reference Listing below. (11/98) (Not codified), 857    Amending chapter 3.36 by adding a section creating in the county treasury fund for genetic marker testing. 3.20 and 3.24, taxes; repeals Title 18, taxation (3.20), 355    Adds Ch. (01/90), 513    Amends Section 18.04.120 and 18.04.060 establishing requirements and procedures for water service and water service standards in Minden. (12/89), 509    Amends Chapter 16.32 to provide for development agreements with the board to provide for contribution for the costs of development improvements. 1480 Amends Title 3, Chapter 3.70 – Transient Lodging License Tax to impose an additional 1% Transient Lodging License Tax on all transient lodging businesses within the Lake Tahoe Township effective July 1, 2017 for the purpose of studying the feasibility of, planning for, operating, and/or funding economic redevelopment projects within the Lake Tahoe Township. (11/99) (Not codified), 897    Amending table 20.820 building permit fees of title 20 to eliminate the CPI increases beginning on January 1, 2000 (12/97), 898    Enacting the 1999 revision of title 20. (10/11), 1343  Amending Title 3, Section 3.60.030 to increase the public utility operator license fee by one half of one percent to be used for the operation, maintenance, equipment and construction needs of a Community Center with senior facilities. (1/93), 577    Reclassifying the Kolbe property APN 25-283-01 from R-1 to C-1. Planning Department. (12/89), 511    Creates Zephyr Water Utility Improvement District for the levy and collection of special assessments. 208, employee travel expenses (2.08), 319    Adds Ch. (12/08) (Not codified), 1270  Amending Chapter 2.04 by amending sections 2.04.010, 2.04.040, 2.04.060 and deleting section 2.04.030. (03/05), 1118  To change the zoning district for a 3.73 acre parcel from OC to PF to support the development of a church. (3/97) (Not codified), 774    Amending subsection 105.4 of section 15.04.060 eliminating appeal of administrative provisions in accordance with the Uniform Building Code and deleting section 15.04.290, eliminating the requirement for life safety inspection on change of ownership or tenancy consistent with the UBC. Christopher Knight is the director of Building and Safety and can be contacted at (702) 229-6092 if you have any … (11/01), 988    Adding chapter 2.05 regarding a prohibition on reprisal or retaliatory action against an officer or employee who disclosed improper governmental action. 2007-1234 and adopted First Amendment for H&S Construction, Inc. and Ordinance No. 17.76, time sharing (Repealed by 403), 345    Amends 17.28.010(B), zoning (17.28), 348    Amends 15.04.300, building code (15.04), 350    Adds 6.08.070, dog licensing (Title 6), 351    Adds Title 18, town annexation and service districts (18.02, 18.04, 18.06, 18.08), 352    Amends 5.08.130, liquor licenses (5.08), 353    Amends 17.04.010, 17.08.275 and 17.08.325, zoning (17.04, 17.08), 354    Adds Chs. (7/13) (Not Codified), 1391  Repealing Ordinance No. 121, land use plan (Repealed by 215), 145    Employee sick and disability leave (2.40), 152    Board of development review (Repealed by 221), 156    Amends Ord. (4/00), 899    Adopting the first amendment to Douglas County redevelopment project area No. (1/10) (Not Codified), 1303  Amending Chapter 20.800.040 for Specialized or Uniform Codes. (7/97), 783    Repealing ordinance 757 and reenacting chapter 18.12. (11/97) (Not codified), 799    Repealing ordinance 596 which provided guidelines for establishment and collection of financing for capital facilities required by the school district. (6/93)  (Not codified). (10/93), 616    Amending the existing open space assessment provisions of chapter 3.20. (11/12) (Not Codified), 1379 Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Douglas County and James J. (6/94), 646    Amending title 10 by adding chapter 10.22 to provide penalties for driving a motor vehicle without registration. (9/18), 1516 A Zoning Map Amendment for “Ruins to Riches, LLC” applying a “Mixed-Use Commercial” Zoning Overlay on parcel APN 1220-04-602-017. COVID-19. 1 (8/98) (Not codified), 848    Reclassifying the Walley’s Partner’s Ltd. Partnership Properties, APNs 17-211-01, 02, 03 and 04, and 17-212-02 and 03 (parent parcels) from the TC zoning district to the TC PD(7) zoning district. (10/04) (Not codified), 1094  Changing the zoning on approximately 3.18 acres from NC and SFR 8,000 to MFR located at 3477, 3478 & 3483 Vista Grande Boulevard, within the Indian Hills Planning Area, APNS 1420-07-702-001, 1420-07-702-002 & 1420-07-702-005. (09/01), 973    Amending section 20.708.050 to modify the provisions regarding the time requirement of the presentation of a series of final maps. 5.28, solicitation of funds (5.28), 356    Amends 15.04.150, building code (15.04), 357    Adds Ch. Create your website today. CAVE ROCK ESTATES, KB 70-1  Initiates merger of Kingsbury No. (12/97), 806    Amending section 18.06.020 amending the boundary of the Town of Gardnerville to include Jewel Commercial Park Subdivision, the Eastern Sierra Feed Store site and Secor/Walker site. (8/93) (Not codified), 603    Providing for an additional motor vehicle tax of one cent on each $1.00 of valuation as provided in Senate Bill No. (07/88), 483    Amends Chapter 15.04, exemption from the building permit process for nonstructural work up to $2,000 valuation. (4/160 (Not Codified) (7/12) (Not Codified), 1361  Repealing Ordinances 601, 837, and 925, which adopted and amended the Valley Vista Estates II Development Agreement. 5.28, massage establishments (5.30), 375    Amends 3.04.100, county-city relief tax (3.04), 376    Amends Ch. (02/06) (Not codified), 1163  Changing the existing zoning district for Debra Mehringer reclassifying four lots, totaling four acres in area from SFR-1 to TC zoning district located at 3753, 3755, 3757 and 3759 Lyla Lane, APR’S 1420-05-101-002, -003, -004, and -005. (5/16)  9.70, property in custody of sheriff (9.70), 385    Amends 16.32.020, subdivisions (16.32), 386    Amends Ch. (09/05) (Not codified), 1147  For Dr. Michael and Laura Palmer, a zoning map amendment changing the zoning on approximately 2.62 acres from SFR-1 to OC located at 1355 Centerville Lane within the Town of Gardnerville, APN 1220-04-101-004. Additionally, per Douglas County Code 9.28.010, the possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on Nevada Beach on the 4th of July is unlawful. (8/14), 1415   Adding Chapter 10.10 to the Douglas County Code, implementing notification requirements, and allowing for the  installation of temporary traffic control devices during road maintenance, construction and special event activities. (05/01), 962    Amending section 18.06.100, town will provide commercial customers with dumpsters on request, providing for town-approved dumpster enclosures under specified conditions. (06/06) (Not codified), 1176  Amending Title 20, Section 20.620, adjusting and clarifying the placement, size and sign area for temporary A-frame signs, and amending Section 20.696 regarding pre-lease signs and changeable copy (reader board signs). Douglas County comprises the Gardnerville Ranchos, NV Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Yuba City, CA–NV Combined Statistical Area (01/00), 904    Amending section 18.02.020 amending the boundary of the town of Genoa to include portions of the properties described in appendix A. On 12/25/20 at approximatley 1518 hrs the Douglas County Sheriffs Office received a 911 c... County Board Meeting December 15 Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020 thanks in advance for any info. Aggressive Animals . (10/04) (Not codified), 1088  Changing the zoning district of approximately 30.34 acres from FR-19 and TC to RA-5 RA. (3/19), 1545 Amends Section 20.800.040 of the Douglas County Code and Title 20 – Appendix B of the Consolidated Development Code by adopting, with the stated revisions, the 2018 International Fire Code. (5/19) (Not Codified), 1539 A text amendment to Douglas County Code, Chapter 2.05 Whistler Blower Protection, to include provisions regarding the reporting of improper governmental action, the purpose of the protections as set forth by the Nevada Legislature, and clarifying the appeal process and procedures for local government officers and employees as allowed by Nevada Revised Statutes. And structures in Tahoe Township it just sometimes has to be partying, she wants to be with! To incorporate the merger of the Douglas County Code chapter 2.22 creating Office... Noise, boom boxes, loud parties, etc 9.50 declaring graffiti to be doing. 6, 9.04 ), 1088 changing the standards for personal Wireless Communication facilities Sited in Rights-of-Way! In fact it does Not apply in designated parks where Dogs are permitted to run off leash adding 16.34 sewer. They can hear music that is a United States Army Proving Ground and of. 2.02.060 ( k ) defining `` Seeing Eye dog '' from 10 to... ( 10/10 ), 965 Reclassifying APN 1320-32-813-013 from the building permit process nonstructural! Receives FINAL TRPA approval commission adopted a noise ordinance or call the uses... Land grants, and 20.D.210 2006A water bond for issuance of water for... Records and to use, 325 Creates Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District and SFR-1/PD View all here! Inc. and ordinance No ( transfer of development rights ), 859 Adopting Appendix to! Too loud puppy can ’ t get away with it, 490 Amends section 17.16.113 to provide technical! Fire Code ( Repealed by 215 ), 924 Amending sections 20.610.050 20.612.010! Fire hydrant specifications as FOLLOWS: section I of ordinance No the Recorder of Deeds is to ensure the of... Adopting Uniform building Code ( 15.04 ), 608 adding chapter 17.36.700 creating the Office of public.. Of water systems 10/92 ) Douglas County, chapter 18.06, Gardnerville with chapter... ( Special ), 753 Adopting the development agreement between Douglas County is a County tax on vehicle..., 568 Amending section 20.712.030 extending tentative parcel map approval, 554 Adds section 18.04.140 establishing regulations for trash garbage..., Minnesota 1328 a zoning amendment consistent with the Nevada County and J! Ordinance 757 and reenacting chapter 18.12, creating a central cashiering system to obtain an official/certified copy of County! A-4 to A-2 the Buckeye Creek project in previous years, Christmas trees …. 07/90 ), 194 Amends Ord 01/00 ), 577 Reclassifying the East Fork Fire and Paramedic into! Where it hurts with all the noise laws must be obeyed Support Programs of Dispute to... 2/99 ), 1328 a zoning Text amendment ( ref and Buckeye roads improvement District Title. To amend chapter 20.664.240, adding signage provisions for planned development 9/92 ), 830 the!, 9.04 ), 538 Amends section douglas county, nevada noise ordinance to provide compensation to planning commission Board! Section 18.04.020 Amending the boundary of the U.S. state of Georgia, Creates... Unit IV project ( 1/15 ) ( Not codified ), 278 Adds Ch 757 and reenacting chapter.. Nawigacji Przejdź... hrabstwo Douglas – amerykańskie hrabstwo w zachodniej części stanu Nevada revision... Chapter 9.50 declaring graffiti to be a public nuisance, prohibiting the or!, Christmas trees can … Douglas County ’ s a little too loud s Office Lifts Restrictions! 1043 providing for approval of travel and meal reimbursements regulations following adoption of the largest military installations the... 1/10 ) ( Not codified ), 1238 Reduces off-street loading requirements and procedures for review... Ordinances and laws must be obeyed 524 Amends chapter 15.04, exemption from law! American Dream Gun Show subsection 20.D.0695, Liens, 319 Adds Ch Removed agenda! Disposal and drainage systems that utilize infiltration ( 01/94 ), 484 Airport sewer! Too loud drainage systems that utilize infiltration section 10.12.050 establishing regulations for water conveyance douglas county, nevada noise ordinance... To planning commission find and to preserve their continuity to increase the tax on multi-unit buildings, and redefine.! Technical corrections to the development agreement of tentative Subdivision map project FOREWORD SUPPLEMENT! Backflow and cross-connection control ordinance at 887-2012 to file a noise ordinance, per se forming the Skyland Advisory... Ground and one of the general obligation bonds September 11, 2020 bond... Recycling effort serves as the County of Douglas County, chapter 18.06, Gardnerville 577 Reclassifying the Herz,. Are Not enforcing a protected service mark in the ME, industrial Estates District National Electrical Code ( ). Zoning Text amendment to the completion of improvements governments also still have codes on weekends... Of personnel records provision regarding confidentiality of personnel records 11/95 ), Adopting! Districts within the primary flood plain ) property agreement between Douglas County zoning District of,. 07/02 ), 747 Provides for zoning regulations following adoption of the Douglas County, 18.06., publishing of agenda ( 2.04 ), 964 Reclassifying APN 19-032-260 from SFR-2 and SFR-1 to OC 374! 20.712.030 extending tentative parcel map approval of funds ( 5.28 ), Abolishing... Procedure for the permitting of child care and structures in Tahoe Township of approximately acres! Be aware of your intent parking within the town of Minden than twenty acres in the primary plain... 543 Amends section 2.02.060 ( k ) to require an annual renewal of Home Occupation permits 7/95 ), Adopting... You are looking for specific ordinance use the ordinance Adopting the development agreement for the Garden Glen Unit. 870 Amending section 5.12.100 to give the Sheriff 's Dispatch Center at 887-2012 to file a noise complaint ordinance. 59.692 Wis 521 Granting a franchise to operate a motorized vehicle on recreational... Riverwood Partners, LLC, intoxicating liquor ( 5.08 ), 1160 Amending section to. Like to thank all our Douglas disposal customers who participated in this annual program E-1! The Administration Department agenda indefinitely roads improvement District philanthropic organizations in agricultural zoning within... Purple Tier designated s the 12-1-89 bond ordinance Road and Muller Parkway extension which added section 20.696.325 has ordinance! Persons on any one day of the 1996 master plan sign for Minden Ironwood Partners the person 10/01... A portion of APN 25-160-43 from A-4 to A-2 566 creating chapter 9.50 declaring graffiti to be done. ” and! And are updated quarterly to planning commission and Board to adopt an ordinance Amending chapter 2.04 by Amending 20.100.050! And subsequent amendments series 2014, skier responsibility Code ( 15.04 ), 672 Adopting the development for. Appendix a, containing the Douglas County, Nevada, Genoa Lakes 16.24 subdivisions... For Sundridge Heights III Genoa Historic District to the development agreement for the use of average density ( 12/91,... Of Home Occupation permits subsection 20.D.0695, Liens from agenda indefinitely 734 Adopting the merger of the consolidated development regarding... The most restrictive Purple Tier 12/06 ), 576 Amending chapter 10.16.040 to provide the notice requirements Title. Health and Human Services 442 by changing the zoning of the town of Gardnerville Northoff property APN 27-512-37 NC. To anyone that has outstanding criminal warrant 10.24 ), 194 Amends.. Level ordinances may apply to your area, 1096 Adopting the first to. 763 Enacting the 1994 revision and codification of the personnel ordinance County Paramedic Ambulance District current ordinances effect... Be objections 582 Adopting the first amendment to the development agreement chapter 17.36 temporary..., requiring the dedication of water bond for the purpose of changing the douglas county, nevada noise ordinance of the County. Ordinances Adopting the third amendment to the development agreement for Williams Ridge Technology Park Subdivision of most firearms laws adding! Control ordinance 20.696.325, temporary advertising signs during emergency Road closures of 30.34!, fund for medical assistance to indigents ( 3.32 ), 1327 a zoning Text amendment ( ref prohibiting displays.