However, there was a play on BBC Radio 4 recently that suggests the origin lies in a lady who came to court in London wearing black dresses of exceeding splendour. They just threw Billy in the back of a Black Maria … Black Maria meaning: 1. a police vehicle used to transport prisoners 2. a police vehicle used to transport prisoners. dated A police vehicle, typically one carrying prisoners. Q From David Hannah: What is the origin of Black Maria?The Bloomsbury Dictionary of Phrase & Allusion attributes it to a ‘brawny American negress’ who kept a boarding house in Boston. Looks like I'm headed to a different jail. Three years later, police vehicles in the city became known as Black … The Black Maria passes by and a new day has begun. black maria as meaning a hearse, which were traditionally always black, even in the old west, the horse or mule drawn ones. Man, there's the Black Maria. Black maria definition, patrol wagon. ‘A short, mutton-chopped cop grabbed his sleeve and pushed him toward the open doors of a Black Maria.’ ‘The jury comes back within five minutes, the judge dons a black cap, and the defendants commence with a thin chorus of ‘You're going home in a Black Maria.’’ Black Maria (horse), an American racehorse Black Maria (IFF), a fighter aircraft IFF (identification friend or foe) interrogator ALCO DL-202-2 and DL-203-2, experimental diesel-electric locomotives known informally as the Black Maria; Black Maria, the airplane flown by Canadian World War I ace Raymond Collishaw "Black Maria", the first parking meter In order to understand this poem one must know that the term Black Maria refers to a dark police vehicle that was used to transport arrested or convicted persons to the proper authorities. See more. The name "Black Maria" as applied to the closed police vans with separate locked cubicles used to convey prisoners to jail is a term of New England origin; the story connected with it being that back in the mid-1800s in Boston, Massachusetts, there lived a black woman named Maria Lee, who kept a lodging house for sailors.It was a waterfront place in the North End, where brawls were frequent. Are you learning Spanish? Dictionary: Black Maria - spelling, hyphenation, synonyms, translations, meanings & definitions. Also black maria or paddy wagon. Dictionary entry overview: What does Black Maria mean? Police prisoner transport vehicle. Or do you just have an interest in foreign languages? General CommentFrom the "Black Maria" wikipedia page Black Maria may refer to: Black Maria, a slang term for a police van used to transport prisoners, originally these were horse drawn and so could take some time to arrive at a crime scene. Black Maria Analysis. Transportation. Learn more. “Black Maria” was a famous racehorse of the day, born in Harlem USA in 1826. 1. van used by police to transport prisoners 2. a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades Familiarity information: BLACK MARIA used as a noun is rare. • BLACK MARIA (noun) The noun BLACK MARIA has 2 senses:. today it seems white is the preferred standard color.,,,,, hence the expression “that’s a hearse (horse) of a different color”. A likelier connection could be a famous race horse named Black Maria whose greatest victory was a 20 mile race run in New York in 1832. This is the spelling used in the Tom Waits song "Big Black Mariah":